Are you an entrepreneur... a visionary who wants to change the world, see your dreams come true and also be a force for good on this planet?


You know there’s more to life than what you’re currently experiencing. Life feels like a struggle.  


You have a feeling it shouldn’t be so hard all the time, but you stress about money … time … commitments …and, let’s face it, MOST people stress a LOT.  


You’ve spent time and money on business education and training and have the conscious mindset and you're still not getting the results you anticipated.  


You know, deep inside, that you have a bright, brilliant, beautiful future… but...

something is missing. It isn’t a lack of effort on your part. You’re smart, savvy, you’ve been honestly and diligently working to boost your success. Above all, you’re sick and tired of looking for a “better way,”


In March 13-15 2020 you will have a unique opportunity to energetically upgrade

your frequency... change your results... and create an easier path to success

you can follow for the rest of your life! 

Most people only function between 5% & 15% of their potential 

It’s the programs in your mind that are holding you back. 


Highly successful people experience blockages NOT because of a deficiency in their skill set, tools set or rational mind set, but because of unconscious programs that prevent them from making optimum use of their resources.  


Your programs create habit fields in your mind which show up in neural pathways in your brain and encoded patterns in your DNA. When an event and subsequent decision is surrounded by an emotional charge, it can become an unconscious program that controls your behavior.  


What if you could uncover the hidden codes that have been running your life and neutralize them once and for all?  


Great news… 



“By attending ACTIVATE ENLIGHTENMENT, your life and your leadership capacity will make a QUANTUM LEAP!

Sandra masterfully pinpointed the dynamics in my life that were blocking my joy, undermining my love relationships and curbing my financial success. With precision, she energetically disrupted the programs that were unconsciously running me. The root of all challenge is vibrational blockages and once she integrated them, my vibration and frequency were dramatically up-leveled. Today my life flows with ease, I’m healthier, happier and I feel fully in charge of my own destiny. Sandra and Daniel embody a gift that truly changes everything!”  

Jan Desai,  

An Extraordinary Transformational Event in 

Marina del Rey, California 

Sandra and Daniel Biskind facilitate the groundbreaking PLATINUM Being training process that will energetically upgrade your frequency to change your results and create a path to success you will walk for the rest of your life!  


The investment for this deeply experiential 3-Day PLATINUM Live is typically $5,000 ...


However, Sandra & Daniel have decided to offer a short cut into Happiness & Success at a special investment! This offer is only available for a LIMITED TIME!


(Make sure you attend, it's that good!)  


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Value with bonuses $10,000+USD 


The ACTIVATE ENLIGHTEMENT program runs from 9.00am to 6pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Hotel MdR,DoubleTree by Hilton, Marina del Rey, California, USA


REGISTER NOW for Marina del Rey, March 13-15 $1,997 USD


LIMITED SPACES - Seats have already begun to fill up so register early to be guaranteed a spot!  


Remember: This event is ONLY for souls fully committed to their growth and success so there will be no refunds after signing up!  


NOURISH YOUR SOUL & UPLEVEL YOUR BUSINESS -In just 3 days, experience a measurable shift in your energy and vibration into higher states!  


Consider what would happen if you could reprogram those old default codes and frequencies of the ego mind and live as a PLATINUM Being.  


Envision how your life would change when those old codes that aren’t serving you have been eliminated and you can fully embrace your spirit's drive to become whole.  


Imagine if you knew exactly how to manifest the life of your dreams. It's effortless, fun and abundant. You feel as though you are radiating joy -- all the time!  


Imagine living in abundance. All good things flowing with ease and grace. More clients, more free time, greater financial stability, a supportive, loving partner …  


You're on a magical adventure as you soar through life from a higher dimension -- seeing things more clearly, able to resolve potential conflict before it begins, answering all of life's challenges from a source deep within yourself and soaking in an abundance of Success, Joy and Love that never ends.  


What a wonderful world that would be! Guess what, dear one? All of that can be yours!  


Ready to STEP UP and LIVE as a PLATINUM Being? 


Close your eyes now and see a future where you LOVE your business, you're thrilled by how easily success comes to you now, your relationships are fulfilling and joyful, and all of your experiences in life seem easier and more joyful. Happiness and Peace flowing through you - ALL of the time!  

During this 3 Day PLATINUM Transmission Intensive you'll be taken through powerful processes to identify & remove the frequencies that act as obstacles to you being able to have the business success & life you want.


You will experience the FOUR ESSENTIAL MODALITIES needed to delete the core unconscious programs that sabotage your ability to:  

  • Move forward in life

  • Change your thought patterns

  • Create new neural pathways,

  • Recode your DNA and

  • Upgrade your frequency

PLATINUM Activations

In 15 minutes a day recalibrate your cellular structure as you raise your frequecny to show up as the best version of you with these 8 High Frequency Guided Visualizations 

Refresh Codes - 8 PLATINUM One Minute Meditations 

Disrupt negative emotional molecules in your cellular structure that do not support your overall health and well-being in only 60 seconds or less!  


True Self Codes - CODEBREAKER PLATINUM Mantras Recalibrate neuronal pathways to enhance your ability to live in the divine high frequency aligned with your True Self.  


Bliss Code Meditation - Activation

Begin a high frequency regeneration process for enhanced vitality and activate your energy centers (chakras) to experience the frequency codes of love and bliss your body, mind and soul feel when fully aligned with your True Self.








Lifetime access to the Activate Enlightenment Facebook group

Exclusive Q&A Breakdown with Master Coaches

Sandra & Daniel



REGISTER NOW and join Sandra and Daniel in 

Marina del Rey, California in July 


It's important to note that Sandra and Daniel's coaching clients typically invest $3,000 USD per hour! 


Imagine being invited to join Sandra and Daniel LIVE for 3 whole days for a one time investment of only $1,997 -- UNTIL FEB 28th ONLY...USE CODE AE1997


The 2020 event will be held for elite groups of people who are truly committed to real and lasting change.


For many transformational business owners, the shifts in income they see as a result of Sandra and Daniel's programs and the changes they make as a result of their new found awareness far more than covers the cost of their program -- quickly!  


Your investment in this program could become your greatest gift to yourself, your family and your business!

Upgrade Your Frequency to Experience the

Change You Want to See in Your Life

If you are not regularly and consistently experiencing success, peace, love, and happiness, you need to ask yourself “what code, what frequency is blocking my path?"  


Only when you are on the correct frequency can you create deep and meaningful relationships, achieve higher levels of awareness and live a life of meaning and purpose.  


The success and abundance you've dreamed of begins when you learn to raise your frequency and reprogram your unconscious thoughts and DNA for success.


What Could These Three Days Do For You? 

  • Elevate your brain states through scientifically and energetically designed meditations, visualizations & activations

  • Attunement and Activation processes so you step into your greatness with grace and ease Activate your Emotional Intelligence to live and lead more effectively

  • Enhance your influence so your co-workers and teams are more effective and efficient  Access to the power to solve seemingly unsolvable problems

  • Energetically clear your limiting beliefs and dysfunctional unconscious programs that have been holding you back

  • Understand how to thrive no matter the challenges you face

  • Become a vibrational match to your purposeful vision

  • Build a dynamic new relationship to your finances, your health, and your calling

  • Fulfill your inspired leadership potential

  • Be freed of your past and confidently step into your greatness

  • Experience Quantum NeutralityTM – groundbreaking human technology that sets you FREE to have the life you want.

  • Community through bonding with other high conscious business owners and leaders from around the world

  • Transmissions of the high frequency energy of enlightenment and wholeness

After these 3 days, as a conscious business owner & entrepreneur: 

  • You'll be inspired to create new ideas

  • You'll move confidently into new ways of being, thinking and doing

  • You'll automatically maintain an openness to new experience

  • You'll enjoy flexible thinking and stretch yourself beyond where you presently are

  • You'll know a new methodology for alignment with a power greater than you to be used through you as a force for good in all your endeavors... and to be that force for good for the whole planet

  • You'll have a freshly awakened inner identity, purpose and vision

  • You'll naturally align with a focused purposeful flow

By attending this event, your life and your leadership capacity will make a quantum leap and the creative potential of you and your organization will be enhanced beyond where it is now. You will know your self more confidently as the creator of your future who takes radical responsibility for your life, while inspiring others to do the same. 


“Become 100% FREE to live your full potential,

free of the unconscious blocks that limit your



Sandra and Daniel Biskind are International #1 Bestselling Authors, Speakers & Spiritual Teachers who for decades have been transforming the lives of global award-winning business owners and spiritual leaders.


They are Jack Canfield's energy shifters of choice and now YOU can experience the depth of their work that takes these codes locked in your DNA, trapped in programs within your neural pathways, and finally get yourself free. 


Now you can join the code breakers, Sandra and Daniel to explore and implement the system they’ve created to attain living a life of peace, joy, fun, vitality and financial freedom….are you in? 

“Don't walk...RUN to one of Sandra and Daniels events! They have an amazing ability to shift energy and remove blocks on very deep levels - I had them work with my entire staff with magical results. Their work is transformational wizardry at its best.” ~Jack Canfield 

“Even though I’ve bought and sold billion dollar companies, something in my life was missing. Before working on my inner game with spiritual rockstars Sandra and Daniel, I didn’t know what it was. Although I had high expectations, they totally exceeded them. I feel ready to conquer the world.”


– Eric Cole, PhD; World renowned cyber security expert; Cyber Security advisor for Bill and Melinda Gates; Commissioner of Cyber Security for President Obama



We are so confident of the results of this life-changing work, we want to make it easy for you to say YES to investing in your growth and success!  

We're so confident in the value of the Activate Enlightenment: PLATINUM Being Experience 3 Day live event, that we're offering a guarantee.  

Come to the live event, particiapte fully and if you haven't experienced a shift by the end of the weekend, just let Sandra or Daniel know and they will work with you in a one on one Private Session.  

Sandra and Daniel are committed to your personal, business, relationship & spiritual growth and success. Join them in this powerful PLATINUM BEING program and change the course of your life forever! 

Sandra and Daniel Biskind: ACTIVATE ENLIGHTENMENT Copyright Heartpower LLC,2019