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      Healing Energy Weekly Meditations


      • Feel at peace with the world around you 

      • Not to be triggered by the negativity of others 

      • Find joy and feel loved

      • Let go of limiting beliefs surrounding money that inhibit your prosperity 

      • Release the unconscious beliefs that stop you from attracting ideal clients and opportunities

      • Neutralize the programs that have been sabotaging your success and preventing you from living the life you dream of

      These Healing Energy Activations will put you onto the frequency of wholeness...  


      We invite you to join us and put these FREE meditations to work for you!


      This is a unique collection of healing meditations.


      They will align you with a PLATINUM state of mind where you can choose your state independent of external circumstances. This is where you are empowered to be happy regardless of what's happening in your life. 


      The PLATINUM Mindset stands for



      When you immerse yourself in PLATINUM, all the joy, love and abundance you dream of can be yours. 


      It's our greatest joy and honor to guide you in this healing journey into wholeness.


      Love Always,


      Sandra and Daniel


      PS. Recordings are offered in our Activate Abundance Facebook Group. You'll be invited to join as soon as you register for the meditations.