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You're going to keep struggling

until you understand... WHY

To say that our world today is stressful would be a complete understatement! The feelings of isolation, fear, self doubt and uncertainty you've been sharing with us have become the norm for so many of you and it breaks our heart! 


It's breaking YOU too. 


So many of you have shared your struggles with money, feelings of low self worth, lack of real love...


And if that weren't enough, now we awaken each day to more bad news and isolation than anything we've faced in our lifetimes. 


It's no wonder that the stress of it all is impacting every area of your life!


It impacts your business, your relationships and even your health. 



We know Why you're struggling but the bigger question is,

do you?


Your unconscious is running your life 95% of the time and that means most of the time, you're not consciously aware of why you make the decisions you make. 


Decisions surrounding your finances, your relationships, even your health are often completely outside the conscious mind's control. 


Wow! How scary is that? 


When an event and subsequent decision is surrounded by an emotional charge, it becomes an unconscious program… a lifelong pattern held in your unconscious mind and locked into your DNA.


Do you spend your days fighting the same fights

struggling against the same challenges...

These unconscious programs run in a variety of forms… a stressful thought, a negative belief (either conscious or unconscious)...  


As these programs run in the background, they create a chemical reaction in your brain that releases hormones into your body, causing your body and its cells to experience fear - to think it’s under attack - and it has to either flee the situation or fight back immediately. 


And remember, your brain is filled with these stressful thoughts, beliefs and stories you’ve committed yourself too…(many you may not even be aware of) such as


“I’m not worthy of love”


“I’m not smart enough”


“I’m not a natural  leader”


"I'm so afraid I'll get sick"


"I'm doomed to being alone"


“I don’t deserve to be a millionaire”


"I don't deserve to have what I want"


Your unconscious programs are in control! 


These programs are laying the groundwork for dis-ease, limiting your capacity to access your authenticity, soul gifts and joy and actually changing you on a deep physical level.  


And your body is listening. It feels the stress on a cellular level and remains suspended in a constant state of fight or flight, merely trying to survive the next attack. 


Does it ever feel as though you spend your days fighting the same fights… struggling against the same challenges.


Then unconscious programs are controlling your life...



“Sandra masterfully pinpointed the dynamics in my life that were blocking my joy, undermining my love relationships and curbing my financial success.


She energetically disrupted the programs that were unconsciously running me. Today my life flows with ease, I’m healthier, happier and I feel fully in charge of my own destiny. Sandra embodies a gift that truly changes everything!”

~Jan Desai,

The real virus that's killing your business...  your relationships...  your happiness AND your feelings of self worth... 


even affecting your blood pressure,

immune responses, sleep patterns, and your digestion...

Fear is a low vibrational frequency that affects every aspect of your life.


Excess fear and uncertainty clouds your judgement, making it difficult to make good decisions.


Worry is a reactive state... it happens when you've lost connection to TRUST!


Fear and worry... combine those with our natural reaction to do more... push harder... and work longer hours when life doesn't go as planned... 


and you have the recipe for a death sentence for your business, your relationships and even  your health!


These unconscious programs have been controlling your life...and they have been sabotaging your efforts from the inside out.


Now, you have the power to spontaneously transform these unconscious thoughts, beliefs and sneaky stories...

It’s time for a change!


It’s time to neutralize the stress and negative emotions, correct past perceptions and align with a future free from self-imposed limitations...a future of unlimited possibilities. 


What is on the other side of your self sabotaging programs? The Best Version Of You!




"Dame Sandra Biskind is a Modern Day Spiritual Powerhouse"


Sandra has been a private mentor to multi-million dollar business magnates, philanthropists and even presidential advisors. 


Her private clients invest more than $3000 per hour to work with her and praise her ability to solve seemingly unsolvable problems. 


In a matter of minutes, Sandra was tuned into the core issues I was dealing with and the root causes.


A few minutes later, I could feel a tangible shift, like a weight had been lifted and a new level of energy had been opened. Something was palpably different about me — and all of this in minutes, not months!


I look forward to what’s possible with her incredible work, and encourage anyone struggling with issues (especially the seemingly unsolvable ones) to experience this for themselves.

– Derek Rydall, transformational coach, best-selling author of Emergence 

Sandra is committed to lighting up the world and using her talents and experience to help you become the resilient leader, partner, and parent you need to be- to not only survive & adapt in this crisis, but to thrive, and become a light for those around you!


And that's why...

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⭐ Bring your personal struggles to the session, ask your questions & have your most pressing challenges resolved in this private small group setting 


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Patty Aubrey

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Dr. Carole Soloway

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"Sandra's meditations are life changing!"



Because if you have unconscious programs working against you, then no amount of business training, relationship advice or self help books will work effectively for you! 


These intimate coaching sessions condense decades of channelled divine wisdom, inner-healing, and practical mind-training into immediate results.


Bring your personal struggles to the session, ask your questions and have your most pressing challenges resolved in this private small group setting (up to 8 people only)

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“Sandra and Daniel’s meditations were life changing…I was completely different, it was as though a different person had inhabited my body…  

While going through the Quantum Neutrality Process, I actually felt my physical balance return and emotional balance was restored even more dramatically.”  

~Dr. Carol Soloway

*FTC DISCLAIMER: The student results shared above are not typical and can't be taken in any way as a guarantee of the results you would receive since your success depends on your level of involvement and commitment to the process shared in this program. We don't offer get rich quick solutions and we can't guarantee your success - only you can do that through your commitment, hard work, consciousness and dedication. But we sure do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for you to want to take action :)