High Frequency Healing

4 Part Meditation Series

Healing Activations -with Sandra and Daniel Biskind

Support and Enhance Your Immune System...

Neutralize and delete negative emotions,

both concious and unconscious in the fear code

We are living in stressful times.  Every day we awaken to more isolation, fear, conflict and challenging news…


Financial markets oscillating, public facilities, restaurants, bars and entertainment centers closed to the public and growing worries about how we can protect ourselves and our loved ones.


All of this in addition to the normal struggles with money, love, self worth, guilt and other low frequency emotions.


This is a frightening time unlike anything our generation has ever experienced.


Use this 4 part meditation series daily. They have been designed to support your overall health and feelings of wellbeing as they raise your high frequency state and keep your immune system strong.



Brought to you with so much love to neutralize and delete negative emotions to get back into the energy of the love code

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