Recalibrate your frequency to show up as the best version of you

with Sandra and Daniel Biskind

Embrace Inner Peace, Calm and Joy



With an undercurrent of massive levels of stress, anxiety, and fear that we are all experiencing on a daily basis it’s more important than ever to find that place within you that is your natural state of peace.


MEDITATION has always been the best way to recenter and align your energy so that you experience everyday life with a profound and unshakable sense of calm and peace. 


This year, the power of meditation has become an even more important to counterbalance the fear and uncertainty that surrounds us all.

Together, we’ll connect with the power of peace, love and joy, so that you can remain balanced and calm no matter how crazy and chaotic the outer world may be.

8 High Frequency Meditations

Give yourself the time to recalibrate your cellular structure as you raise your frequency to show up

as the best version of you with these 8 High Frequency Guided Visualizations with Sandra and Daniel Biskind.



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Are you ready to expand into a state of

inner peace, love and joy? 

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