Business Owners, Solo Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Leaders

We’re in the midst of difficult changes not only in our personal lives

but in the world at large...


You're invited for an emotional & spiritual tune-up to wind-down overwhelm, stress, and anxiety and connect to your own

Inner-Peace, Calm, and Neutrality.


Sandra & Daniel Biskind are committed to helping you access your most resourceful stateto thrive, and hold the light for

those around you!


Running a company, having a family, putting out fires, finding solutions, all while working to meet the needs of others can be difficult. Self-care needs to be something we prioritize, and schedule.


To help you find the inner-calm, peacefulness, serenity to be at your best, we are hosting our True Self Activation sessions twice a week, every Tuesday at 1pm and Thursday at 4pm PT!


Sandra & Daniel Biskind are world-renowned visionary and transformational teachers for top-performers and business leaders. Using their laser-like techniques, they clear your unconscious, freeing you to fully experience life without limits.

These True Self Activations are only $27 per session, available twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays!


Meditation changes your biology and energetic signature by changing the way your brain wires and fires together.  During meditation, the brain releases chemicals that create "happy" emotions to support a strong, healthy body! 

These deep dive meditation sessions are about receiving support so you can expand, lead and thrive in every area of your life. This level of support is invaluable...

Enjoy meditation in a space to safely feel your emotions fully. Enter into a state of peace, calm, and joy. Release stuck emotions and energy, so that you can be as resourceful and tapped in as possible. You’ll also get the “proximity effect” with the group to deepen your access to high-frequency states, and bring them into every

area of your life.

These Sessions are ESPECIALLY for you if you've been...

  • Feeling on the verge of giving up. 
  • Feeling stressed, overwhelm, anxious, uncertainty.
  • Feeling burnt out, or on the edge emotionally. 
  • Feeling shut down emotionally, creatively, or in your expression.
  • Feeling like you can’t trust yourself, or have self criticism.

“Sandra and Daniel are profound healers, trainers, speakers and authors who do some quite amazing transformational work. I’ve had Sandra work with my family and my entire staff with magical results!”


-Jack Canfield


“Sandra masterfully pinpointed the dynamics in my life that were blocking my joy, undermining my love relationships and curbing my financial success. Today my life flows with ease, I’m healthier, happier and I feel fully in charge of my own destiny.”


-Jan Desai

No matter what other classes you're taking

or tools you're using...


These sessions put a stop to the reactive mind’s endless fears, judgements, criticisms and complaintsso that your True Self can return front and center to lead your life.

For just $27 you will receive a Zoom Call Group Meditation & Live Q&A to support moving forward Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually and in your Relationships.

🗸 Live Meditation Session

🗸 Live Q&A

🗸 High Frequency Energy Healing


About Sandra & Daniel Biskind

Sandra & Daniel Biskind are world-renowned teachers of transformation & spiritual wisdom. Using their laser-like techniques, they support business leaders, entrepreneurs and coaches clear their unconscious, freeing them to fully experience life without limits.


As spiritual catalysts, they have dedicated their lives to empowering people to free themselves from pain, suffering, sadness and self-limiting beliefsto thrive in all areas of life: business, health, finances, and relationships.

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True Self Activation Meditations